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About Us

Let’s keep this simple, shall we? You would like to know a little bit about Refine Digital and I would like to know a little about you. My name is TJ McCue and I’m the owner of this growing business. Full LinkedIn profile is spliced in below. 

“Content Marketing” is the latest buzzword, but it has really been around for decades. I like the term as it provides a cohesiveness that different specialties can use to connect and serve customers, readers, and audiences of all types.

Refine Digital is a small group of strategy-minded writers, video/photo pros (including some new cool 360 degree camera gear — which makes for an easy way to improve your Google profile), and marketers who know how to engage audiences through a variety of content forms. The mission of that content is always to build awareness, improve engagement, and increase traffic (online and in-person) to major brands, particularly in the tech industry, but work in other industries as well. We typically work on longer term projects and campaigns because despite what anyone else tells you — content marketing is a long game.

My background is largely in marketing and business development, as a consultant and contractor, but most people see my public media work at the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, American Express OPEN Forum, and a host of others. 

On a personal level, I love the outdoors and have spent a good portion of my life wandering in the mountains, or in and on the water — from whitewater kayaking to sailing to SCUBA. I lived on Guam for 4+ years while in the USAF, but spent many off-duty hours teaching and guiding SCUBA tours, in fact, it was one of my first business as an adult (with permission from my unit’s commander). I had a few ventures as a teenager, too, and those count in a big way, but being completely on one’s own makes the business count in a new way. I consider myself a Christian, but perhaps not in the traditional sense, as I’m not fond of boxes. I try to explain some of that in my “statement of belief.” I have been married to the same beautiful and super smart woman for 28 years and we have one teenage son who is a lot of fun to hang out with. Despite living and loving many other places, we call the Northwest USA home and live just a bit outside of Seattle.

Now, your turn! As you read this, please reach out – I’m a big believer in sharing, collaborating, brainstorming, and paying-it-forward. Of course, I would love to help you on digital project – from overall strategy to a short series of blog posts. Even if I cannot work with you on a paid project, I still love hearing about cool projects. Let’s talk. Find me on social or Q4Sales at Gmail and mention in the subject that you found me here on the About Us page; that will get my attention. Web visitors always get the red carpet!

Thanks for visiting.

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LinkedIn Profile

Freelance Technology & Government Writer, Ebook Ghostwriter, Author & Blogger, Content Marketing 

  • Seattle, Washington 
  • 500+ connections 

Need to update your blog with fresh, compelling content that gets traffic? That’s what I do. I write business and technology blogs, create content for businesses, and help others share their story. My freelancer contact info is below.

If you are a CEO, VP of Marketing, Educator, Business Thought Leader, I can help you get your ideas out into the marketplace with solid storytelling.

I have helped co-write and edit several traditionally published books, as well as served a ghostwriter on numerous ebooks, whitepapers, and use cases on the frontlines of business.

My longstanding technology column/blog for Forbes since 2011 has driven nearly 7 million views (and 4 million-plus readers) to it and I’m constantly adapting my approach to the ever-changing world of content. I’ve shifted my beat recently to dig into tech productivity — think lifehacks, how-to, mobile apps, DIY, as well as gadgets and gear, that help you get more done in less time.

If you need authority freelance writing on your blog (ghost blogging) that gets results, call me.

I’ve written online content for some of the world’s largest brands and government agencies: *National Science Foundation projects *SBDC *SCORE *SBA *Alibaba *Weebly *MathWorks/MATLAB *Autodesk *IBM *HP *American Express *Verizon *AT&T *Toshiba *SolidWorks *Dell *Lenovo *Nvidia *Stratasys *Yahoo Small Business

In the days of print, I put pen to paper for the Wall Street Journal, Backpacker, Field & Stream, Ad Age, and a weekly business column for newspapers around the USA.

Contact me directly, if you’ve got an ebook in you, or need help creating a traffic-driving blog series to increase visibility to your business and work. Or feel free to leave me a voicemail, but email is best. 

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END LinkedIn Profile

You can see a lot of my recent writing work on Contently (which I love the way their digital portfolio tools display one’s work). TJ McCue on Contently. As of March 2016, there are 150 stories, comprised of almost 100,000 words (almost two books) linked there over the past 2-3 years. That portfolio is only partial glimpse, but has 35,000 Shares of various types and 5,300 Likes specifically. I was sad to see Twitter remove its tweet counter, but that’s a first-world problem.