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Statement of Belief

For a while now, I have felt it is important for me to create a Statement of Belief for this About Us page; To acknowledge my God and just a bit about my beliefs. I am not looking to create discord, or an argument, but to be open about my journey. I think it was the Dalai Lama who said: “My religion is kindness.” That is part of what I want to say, to express who I am and the one God to whom I belong. But it is less about religion as many experience it, and more about spirituality. This quote from Rising Strong author Brené Brown captures what I want to share and what I have experienced:

Some people celebrate their spirituality in churches, synagogues, mosques, or other houses of worship, while others find divinity in solitude, through meditation, or in nature. For example, I come from a long line of folks who believe that fishing is church, and one of my closest friends believes that scuba diving is the holiest of experiences. As it turns out, our expressions of spirituality are as diverse as we are. When our intentions and actions are guided by spirituality—our belief in our interconnectedness and love—our everyday experiences can be spiritual practices. We can transform teaching, leading, and parenting into spiritual practices. Asking for and receiving help can also be spiritual practices. Storytelling and creating can be spiritual practices, because they cultivate awareness. While these activities can be spiritual practices, it appears that rising strong after falling must be a spiritual practice. Rising demands the foundational beliefs of connection and requires wrestling with perspective, meaning, and purpose. I recently came across this quote on Liz Gilbert’s Instagram feed—and I think it sums this up perfectly: ‘Grace will take you places hustling can’t.’

As a former pro diver with hundreds of dives, I have to say that I agree with Brown’s friend – and it is the immensity and spectacular beauty of the ocean (and its creatures) that started part of my journey to a deeper relationship with God.

What does all this mean and why do I share it?

We may have the opportunity to work together someday and I believe all of my work is a divine appointment, often for me, sometimes for you, and occasionally, for both of us. Many people, me included, say that things happen for a reason. I am simply making that sort of statement more clear – I believe it is divine. I believe many conversations, relationships, and opportunities happen for a very specific reason. I believe there is one God, a Creator, a Designer. Our world is too perfect, too intelligent to be the result of chance, to be random.

I choose to be reasonable about what others believe, even when it differs from my own views, without mocking or diminishing their viewpoints. Life is too short not to value others. I strive to learn something from those perspectives. And I choose to share this short post because it sometimes makes a conversation easier, or more open, when you know a bit about where a person comes from or is going. After spending a number of years falling down, I have found the “rising strong” part to be a daily pursuit and I am striving to connect a walk with God toward meaning and purpose in my business.

“Rising demands the foundational beliefs of connection and requires wrestling with perspective, meaning, and purpose.”   – Brené Brown

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