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My Old Kentucky Cave–Mammoth Cave KY

My Old Kentucky Cave–Mammoth Cave KY

We’ve driven into Fall.

Colors are changing and the temperatures are getting cooler.



Today, we headed north to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. After practicing piano in the RV, we drove for over an hour to get to the park.


Once there, I got my Jr. Ranger badge, and we went on a cave tour guided by Ranger Michael. It was huge – the longest known cave system in the world. More than 400 miles have been explored. We hiked 2 of them with a large group of 100+ other people.


We went through the narrow “Fat Man’s Misery”, and then the low ceiling’ed “Tall Man’s Misery,” before we went to the “Hall of Great Relief”.



We saw many big cave rooms, like Mammoth Dome.


We learned that during the War of 1812, the Americans would come and mine here for salt peter, a main ingredient in black gun powder, since the British were blockading them.

We also learned that the first known tour guide to Mammoth Cave was an enslaved black man, Stephen Bishop, who would lead tours with a lantern. He explored and mapped much of the cave system.



After coming out of the cave, we went over pads with Woolite to help clean off our shoes to try and help stop White Nose Syndrome, which was killing tons of bats.


Then, we ate dinner at the lodge where we got had excellent biscuits and cherry preserves, which Mom just had to get a jar of to take home for breakfast yogurt parfaits.


Then, we drove back to the RV park in Nashville, where we went to bed.


Mini3drv Counters:
States Visited: (36+WA DC) CA, OR, WA, ID, CO, MT, WY, ND, SD, MN, WI, IL, IN, IA, NE, MI, OH, PA, NY, VT, NH, MA, ME, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, VA, WV, NC, SC, GA, FL, TN, KY
Natl Parks Badges: (23) CA Redwood, OR Caves, WA Olympic, WY Yellowstone, ND Theodore Roosevelt, SD Mt Rushmore, SD Badlands, OH Cuyahoga, NY Niagara Falls, MA Boston Harbor Islands, MA Boston-Downtown, MA Boston-Charlestown. MA Minute Man, RI Roger Williams, NY Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace, NY  Statue of Liberty, PA Valley Forge, PA Independence, WA DC National Mall & Memorial, NC Guilford Courthouse, SC Congaree, GA Martin Luther King Jr, KY Mammoth Cave

4 thoughts on “My Old Kentucky Cave–Mammoth Cave KY

  1. Chris

    Very cool! Did you know that way back before the days of Minecraft I used to play a text-based game that was designed around these very caverns? Computers didn’t even have graphics back then–that’s how old I am!

    A few years ago I got back into it for old time’s sake and completely mapped out one version of the game. I also tried to get Danny into it but he just laughed at me.

    1. admin Post author

      That actually sounds interesting. You’re not that old, but I didn’t think games with good graphics were so recent. Did you ever win?

      Danny might be busy with all the new stuff in Minecraft 1.8 – underwater temples, bunnies, armor stands, etc. Maybe try it again with him in a few weeks when the hype dies down. Reading the game text made me want to try it out.

      I appreciate you always reading and commenting on my blog. You’re one of my biggest fans – thank you! Looking forward to seeing you all in November. . . and please catch that cockroach you mentioned on Facebook soon!

  2. Chris

    I told Danny that you got to explore the real caves and now he’s interested in it so next time you visit you can check it out!

    Minecraft has so many more options, but what I like about Adventure is trying to figure out all of the puzzles and what each of the items is for. You really need to use your imagination to get through it.

    Maybe we can 3D scan some of Ally’s bugs when you guys get back! LOL!

    1. admin Post author

      Those kind of games drive me crazy sometimes, trying to figure out what items are used for what! :p Still sounds pretty cool though. Beating the game would probably take us a while. Here’s an example of what might show up on the screen…

      Colossal Cave Adventure: Joshua and Danny were eaten by a cave monster.

      Colossal Cave Adventure: Danny and Joshua died in a cave in.

      And so forth…

      Minecraft has tons of puzzles though. Just think about all the crafting recipes you have to figure out! Ask Danny about that.

      Thanks for telling Danny. AND for reading and commenting. And yes, we might be able to 3D scan one of Ally’s bugs, if it’s dead and if Dad or Mom does the picking up/holding part.

      P.S. We drove the RV and this massive dragonfly died hitting it but we found it on the grille later. It was by far the biggest dragonfly I’d seen, it was crazy! Plus, Mom wanted me to put my fingers close to it to get a picture! Ahhhh! Stay tuned for a photo and post! :)

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