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Drones & A Pink Bazooka–Berkeley CA

Drones & A Pink Bazooka–Berkeley CA

After using our free breakfast coupons and eating a nice buffet breakfast, we proceeded to the marina, where we learned to fly drones under the instruction of Mr. Scott of 3D Robotics. After learning how to launch and land the drones, which is a complicated process all by itself, we flew the drones around and were taught how to use them to capture video. Then, we headed to eat lunch.

2014-05-22 _3DRV _CrescentCity 726

2014-05-22 _3DRV _CrescentCity 731


Once we were done with lunch, we went to Mr. Jeff Tiedeken’s workshop, with the cool name of Monkey Likes Shiny, which was filled with things he had and was creating. He gave us the grand tour and Dad took video of him talking about his passions – metalwork, children’s museums, and getting folks involved in making creative and useful things. Mr. Jeff had a lot of stuff going on – bikes, a coffee machine, trophies, to name a few.


My favorite invention of his was the ramen launcher. It was pretty much a pink bazooka with flower designs on it that launched ramen. Mr. Jeff said that it was to shoot ramen to the homeless, and that it was painted pink and decorated with flowers so that the person hit with ramen would be less frightened. Unfortunately for Mr. Jeff, the ramen packets shooting out of the barrel really hurt, and the packets wouldn’t always fit. So he and his friend tried to find some way to use steam to soften the noodles. To make a long story short, that didn’t go well either. Back to the drawing board.


Afterwards, we drove back to the Autodesk building where we had the ice cream social a few days back to pick up some things. I played video games and helped mom navigate on the way. Later, we went to Jamba Juice and Starbucks to rehydrate. Then, we headed off to our hotel. Upon arriving there, we got our belongings in the room, and headed off for dinner.  (More food!?!? When will it ever end?!?!?) We went to Applebee’s for the first time. On the table, they had a little computer you could use to order food and play games. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel and went to bed.

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