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What is 3DRV?

In 2013 we proposed a project with Autodesk to do a grassroots exploration of what was happening with 3D technology across the USA. In 2014, the 3DRV national roadtrip came fully to life and we traveled the USA for 8+ months visiting entrepreneurs, makers, big brands (like GE, Ford, and others), big government (NASA and the USAF Academy), and schools and universities.

It was, and still is, an exploration of what people are doing with 3D technology. It started at the Autodesk headquarters in San Rafael and ended in Las Vegas at the annual Autodesk University. All in all, we spent 8+ months traveling the USA, and just a little bit into Canada.

3DRV at vinyl wrap job

Autodesk, HP, Nvidia, Jayco (RV manufacturer), Stratasys, and Faro were the main sponsors. GoPro, 3DRobotics, and DotProduct were some of our co-sponsors.

During that time, my son and my wife, blogged about their perspective on the trip and we called that the “mini3DRV” journey. The blog was part of my son’s homeschool experience, although RVers call it, more appropriately, road-schooling. My son did the majority of the work on mini3DRV with a tiny bit of help from two type-A editors… He is a voracious reader and prolific writer, so he did not need much input from his parents. Read the mini3DRV journey here.

My 3D tech journey keeps rolling at GoExplore3D.com where we continue to write about the people doing cool and innovative stuff in 3D.