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RAPID2017, 3DRV, And A Future In 3D Tech

As many of my Forbes readers know, I write about a variety of tech, but primarily 3D-related tech. News is important, but my primary focus is to look at how trends and opportunities emerge from the 3D printing and 3D scanning industries. Over these last six, intense years, like many of you, we have witnessed many amazing things involving 3D tech. I research and cover other gear/hardware advances, the cloud, mobile, and such, but it has been thrilling and an honor to see 5.5 Million views on my Forbes channel and thousands elsewhere driven by an interest in this amazing, game-changing tech.

My deepest thanks to each of you. Truly.

It is always exciting to get a chance to meet in person — as we will be doing very shortly in Pittsburgh at the annual RAPID + TCT #3DPrinting event. So, track me down if you are at the event so we can put faces and a handshake or hug to an online profile or name! Easiest way to find me at the show — message me on TJ McCue on Twitter or TJ_McCue on Instagram or track me on the Facebook Page for Refine Digital. Whew.

You can read other posts related to 3D below, including my wife and son’s blog —
Mini3DRV.com that told the story of our 2014 national roadtrip adventure in 3D Printing and 3D Scanning called 3DRV (and I explain 3DRV here — what it was and still is, to me).

Thinking In 3D – Conversation In Motion

Latest Forbes post on RAPID + TCT 2017 Event To Demonstrate $6 Billion 3D Printing Industry Strength which I will be updating here on RefineDigital.com as I attend RAPID 2017 and meet with many of you.

And if you are just bored, you can watch this slightly goofy video when a guy has just a bit too much time on his hands and his true, deeply loved wife and son are not yet home…

TJ McCue Heading to RAPID 3D Printing Event 2017 from TJ McCue on Vimeo.

Refine Digital continues to provide marketing, content marketing, and research for tech companies, many, but not all in 3D. We continue to build the GoExplore3D project responding to what the market tells us — which means a focus on educators/education and small urban manufacturers. More on the renewed effort shortly.

If you got this far, I’m grateful for a chance to share about my core marketing, content, and strategy work via Refine Digital. I like to call my work a “marketing lab,” or “marketing workshop” because it always seems I’m testing new ideas, new approaches, new strategies for my own projects as well as projects for big brands. I use writing and video (the above is not really a great example, okay?) as a way to engage and tell a story. Thank you for spending time here.