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Thinking In 3D – Conversation In Motion

I’ve been writing about this idea, Thinking in 3D, for a while now. First, thanks to Julia Kirby at the Harvard Business Review for encouraging and nudging me to keep exploring this idea. And then the folks at Autodesk’s Line//Shape//Space blog were excited by the ideas behind it.

Work in progress, for sure, and my goal is to keep track of some of it here. To sum up, thinking in 3D is about how the technology tools we have in our hands are insignificant compared to the massive tool we have in our heads… It has always been this way, but with all our cultural focus on technology we sometimes lose sight of what it means to think, to think deeply, to glimpse the freedom that the tools can provide.

Join me in discussing this idea around the web.

My HBR post: 3D Printing Is Changing The Way We Think.

Line//Shape//Space blog post: Thinking in 3D.

At my GoExplore3D blog, you can explore “Thinking in 3D” there, too.