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3DRV version 2 – GoExplore3D

In 2014, we spent the year traveling the USA exploring what people were doing with 3D technologies in a project called 3DRV. What came about from that project and roadtrip was a deeper understanding on how we make things, how we design and create, how we think about design, creation, invention.

At the core, Refine Digital is a marketing firm where we create campaigns, projects, and test a lot of gear with and for clients, mostly technology companies, but often service providers. One of our main passions is content. Content that helps move a person to a greater understanding of the topic we’re exploring, covering, researching, and testing. Sure, that means content that sells, content that motivates, inspires, or otherwise moves your prospect to action. Content is and always has been a nurture approach to sales. Marketing is also an approach to selling, really, if you think about it. That is marketing’s primary purpose, to help sell.

We continue to build cool projects here at Refine Digital. GoExplore3D (3DRV v2) is the lab where we are taking the conversations and observations from regular trips to 3D technology businesses, organizations, and educational institutions. Sprout by HP and HP are clients of this work, 3DRV chapter two, if you will. We have their latest gear to help us test 3D in our workshop and in other locations around the USA.

Within the above-mentioned passion for content is another of our services: Executive ghostwriting. We write posts, articles, white papers, thought leadership documents for executives and business owners. While I have a long list of my own bylines, as one of the lead writers here, I genuinely love working with other people’s ideas. I am a curious person, by nature, and enjoy the challenge of working with a person to dig out their expertise and the thoughts that make them unique, that make them great. At the end of that process, to craft something that they can publish under their own name.

Heading into 2016 is exciting. There are always so many stories to share, amazing people who are doing significant work. GoExplore3D is part of our excitement, in addition to some major new ghostwriting clients, but we continue to work with Cloud (SaaS) companies, other types of computer vision, AR, VR, and hardware/gear makers. AT&T’s Cricket Wireless is another client brand that helps us get our work done by providing gear (in addition to client fees) so we can work from anywhere.

We’ll use this space to continue to announce new clients and projects and to talk about the changes in marketing, content, and sales.